Full Control

Viki Smart door locks comes with fully range of functions none of our locks comes with less than 100% 

You can opened the door or provide access to anyone with one of the following

- Fingerprints, Use this to make sure who opened your door ! Obviously not much people can replace their fingerprints, So you can figure out if any of your home staff members arrived on time.

You can add up to 200 fingerprints on the same lock, That's enough for 20 house hold members of 10 fingers.

- Passcodes,  You can create all types of different passcodes, Permanent passcodes for constant visitors, 1 time code which can be used only once and if the door closed can't be opened again, Timed passcode which work for specific amount of hours and then become Invalid (Like gives the person the chance to use it in few hours or lost it with expiration date).

Periodic (suitable for Airbnb and rentals apartments) Which is valid for a specific period of time.

recurring which is valid for specific dates (Fridays for example).

- Right from the app on front of the door using bluetooth with range of 2 meters, Or remotely even if you are in another country over the internet gateway.

- (Fobs) or RFID cards.

- Two hardware keys.