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Automatic deadbolt lock with motorized. This item is being replaced please come back soon.

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Experience a key-less entry to your home with our range of smart locks!

Have You Ever Lost Your Door Key?

Not a problem! Our range of smart door locks gives lots of ways to unlock your Door, so you will not need a mechanical key anymore! You can unlock your Viki Smart Lock with your fingerprint, passcode,  mobile app via Bluetooth within 2 meters or through a secured and encrypted cloud over the Internet from anywhere in the world.

Did Your Guests Arrive Early?

That's not a problem anymore! Now, your Viki Smart lock has a Remote Control that lets you unlock your door from anywhere in the world, so your guests will not wait for you outside. Also, you can turn on the Passage Mode which will keep your door unlocked for a limited time or until the party is over. 

Do You Rent Your House/Apartment?!

We got you covered! Our range of Smart Locks will make it super easy to manage your property with customizable passcodes. You can also add an Admin to control and manage your smart door lock on your behalf. Suitable for houses, apartments, offices, shopping malls, hotels, etc.  

With Viki app, you can create permeant, timed, one-timed, temporary, and scheduled passcodes. For example, you can create a passcode for your guests that will expire automatically at the end of their stay and another scheduled passcode that works only on a specific time and day for housekeeping to clean or prepare your property for your next guest, and if maintenance is needed, a temporary one-time passcode will be perfect for maintenance workers to get things fixed! You can also view access records and check the status or battery of your Smart Lock. All this can be done using our mobile app and from the palm of your hand!

Remote Control feature requires Viki app, stable Internet connection, WIFI network, and Internet Gateway which is a separate device already included with your Viki Smart Door Lock.

Additional Resources:

Viki FM05 Manual

Model No.
Dimension of External Panel
180L x 66W x 57H millimeter
Fingerprint+ password+card capacity
Up to 300
High quality aluminum alloy
Water splashes & high temperature resistant
Door thickness
Suitable for 35-55 mm
Door type
Suitable for wooden/steel doors
Unlock Methods
iOS and Android Mobile apps, passcode, fingerprint, IC card, in addition to a backup mechanical key
Gateway "Remote Control Over the Internet"
Works with
Google Home & Alexa
Bluetooth standard
Bluetooth Low Energy 4.1BLE
Number of Passwords
Up to 150 (16-bit anti-peeping password)
Number of Fingerprint
Up to 110
4 AA Alkaline batteries or 8 for an extended battery life of up to 12 months under normal use.
Standby current
Less than 200 milliamperes
Emergency Power Supply to Unlock
External charger "Power Bank" with an Android interface charging cable.
Unlock time
≦1 sec.