Smart locks

For Smart life

Manage all of your smart locks in one app, Add edit and remove Fingerprints, RFID or FOB cards, All type of passcodes and get notification about your lock remotely even if you are in another country, Never get locked out now your smart phone or your fingerprint is your key.

Full Control

Our smart locks come with full range of controls and 5 unlock methods with up to 200 fingerprints, passcodes, fobs/RFID cards, mobile app via Bluetooth or Remotely over the internet.

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High Security

Find out who unlocked your door anytime anywhere, Get records live on the go and find out what's happening at your home door, Solid mortise with secure rods and deadbolts.

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Low Power Consumption

Up to 18 months of battery life with a failsafe features include a micro USB port to power up your smart lock with a power bank in case of an emergency plus a backup mechanical key

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Viki app lets you lock & unlock your smart door lock via Bluetooth within 2 meters or from anywhere in the world using a secured and encrypted Remote Control over the Internet. With Viki app you have full control of your smart door lock right from the palm of your hand, add/remove users & admins, create and revoke passcodes, fingerprints, eKeys and fob/RFID cards.

Viki smart locks is part of Viki smart life IoT line of services and products provided by iElement B.V established in the Netherlands 2015, We are pushing the IoT market forward developing products for better life everyday, Our team is committed to improving the market standards and provide the best home automation experience for residential or commercial use, Our distributors are scattered globally across at least 4 countries and expanding everyday.
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